Mas' at 94 Chestnut

Mas’ at 94 Chestnut, 2016. digital C-print mounted on di-bond, 44.25” x 120.25”

With Mas’ at 94 Chestnut, Toronto artist Anique Jordan has created what she terms an "impossible image", suggesting “we must create from what has been made invisible.” Through archival research, oral histories and the invocation of mythical, sacred and haunting imagery, Jordan reimagines, and resurrects, a congregation of the recently excavated British Methodist Episcopal Church, one of a number of Black churches that once thrived in and around The Ward. She does so by creating a mourning scene through which an unacknowledged memory is made visible and public. Jordan assumed the responsibility of “thinking through the consequences of erasure and the multiple ways in which we must construct meaning from what is absent.”

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