The Marvellous are Here

In the traditions of the Black radical imagination, The Marvellous speaks to the creation of spaces nestled in the
surreal, harvested through freedom and found within the Black body. As we shift and bend and grow, The Marvellous shapes the way we create and fill spaces announcing our presence.

I am interested in NIA as as incubator and the possibilities that offers us. As artists and Black people the need for space which allows us to breath, create, imagine and simultaneously be believed in, is scarce if it even exists. We need places we can escape to, placsd that maybe hold just enough of a utopia that we don’t feel we have to constantly push back on something. We need places we can dream and experiment with the edges of it and live just close enough to the surreal that it can be painted, and danced and documented and then still torn apart and remade with other visions.

Works by:
Timothy Hunter
Yannick Anton
Ella Cooper
Kosisochukwu Nnebe
Kareen Weir

2020 Copyright © Anique Jordan