November 2020

5  As we Gather, panel discussion on food with artists Aisha Bentham and Kosi Nnebe, panel host

11  History in Remaking, Koffler Gallery, Artists who engage with elements of fiction to address buried truths: Ivana Dizdar, Rosalie Favell, Anique Jordan, and Madelyne Beckles RSVP

17 CBC Q interview! 10AM

Winnipeg Art Gallery, Born in Power, curated by Jaimie Isaac. Group exhibtion. 

October 2020

3   Dec 18  Curitorial project, Three-Thirtyopen to public by appointment

19  University of Alberta, artist talk 

21  2PM - 3PM University of Toronto Scarborough, Doris McCarthy Gallery, artist talk, RSVP

27  3PM - 4PM University of Toronto Scarborough, Doris McCarthy Gallery, curatorial talk with artists Ebti Nabag, Kelly Fyffe Marshall and Aaron Jones, RSVP

University of Nippissing, artist talk 

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