We have done enough

We have done enough.⁠⁠

We have protested, we have rallied, we have cried, we have grieved, we have made art and have offered you models of difference, we have begged and held arms, we have shown love and kindness, we have been angry, we have taught our children they are beautiful, to try and offer themselves to the world in spite of it. ⁠

You have taken our tools, our music, our rituals, our labour, yet we have written and taught and organized and prayed, we have offered evidence, facts and history and still are denied. We have given hope when we shouldn’t have any left. We have done it all, and right now, for many of us, there are no words left for the exhaustion, the fear, the grief, the hurt. Our mothers have told you they are scared. We are scared.⁠

We are tired, so tired.⁠

We have done enough.⁠

documentation: Nabil Shash

2020 Copyright © Anique Jordan